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Improve your living room with 1 step

Now after so many days of the lockdown we start to pay more attention to every detail at our home. We realise the amount of time we spend inside our home, and this certainly changes our relationship with each detail from the house.

We noticed that many people like to move around their flats and houses and are urging to do some small changes in the house as adding some new cushion, new curtains or doing a little makeover in your living room. After all, this “new normal” life will undoubtedly change the way people work, and we have seen that companies will start to let most of the employees work at least one day per week from home.


The best thing to do at this moment is to invest in your home. It will improve your life quality, gives you a new task to do (which we all need to occupy our minds). What about changing now your windows? It is a good idea! You have time to control that everything happens as you desire, and with our team of interior designers, we can even help you to change some other details of the house at the same time.

The good thing about steel windows and doors is that it is so easy to install – in less than 24hrs you have it installed and ready to be used.

The first thing we do in Black Steel is to have a call to understand which of our profile will be the best solution for your space, then after we take some further details such as how is the sight. Some of our projects are quite simple, while others can be more complex where our builders are aligned to have it all sorted with the constructors of the new development. Time is vital in London, and we are proud to work with no delays.

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After the quote is prepared and accepted, we go for the survey where we measure the opening and confirm that the walls, floor, and ceiling are ready or what type of work would be needed to receive the doors.

All this process happens just in one morning and then with the correct information, we can finalise the technical drawings and place the order in our factories. Some weeks later we call you to confirm some options of dates for the installation, and that is it.

It sounds so simple right because it is! You can feel comfortable and happy in your new living room with just a few steps. And if you still have any more questions, give us a call – we are all at home, and we are not going anywhere ?