4 Things you need to
know about Fire-Rated Doors

“Fire doors with glass are a crucial component of a building’s passive fire protection system. These specialized doors play a vital role in containing fire and smoke within the room or compartment where it originated, preventing its spread to other areas of the building.

The inclusion of glass panels in fire doors serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it allows for visibility, enabling occupants to assess the situation and take appropriate action during an emergency. Additionally, the presence of glass panels can enhance the aesthetic appeal and natural light transmission in the building while maintaining safety standards.

Fire doors with glass are engineered and tested to withstand the intense heat and flames during a fire. They are constructed using fire-resistant materials, including tempered or laminated fire-rated glass, which provides both transparency and fire protection. These doors are designed to meet stringent fire safety regulations and standards to ensure the utmost protection for life and property.

By effectively containing fire and smoke, fire doors glass contribute to the overall fire safety strategy of a building. They compartmentalize different areas, delaying the spread of fire and allowing occupants more time to evacuate safely. Additionally, they facilitate the work of firefighters by providing access points and controlling the flow of smoke and heat.

When considering fire doors with glass for your building, it is crucial to consult with professionals who specialize in fire safety and adhere to local building codes and regulations. Proper installation, regular inspections, and maintenance of these doors are essential to ensure their ongoing effectiveness in safeguarding lives and property.

What do fire doors do?

Fire doors save lives and prevent extra damage to the building and its contents.

  • Contain the fire in the room where it started
  • Keep escape routes, like corridors, clear from the fire. 
  • Protect the rest of the building, its contents and other nearby buildings from further damage.

How long do fire doors last?

To meet regulations, galzed fire doors and frames must endure fire for 30 minutes (FD30) or 60 minutes (FD60). Their capacity to resist fire is contingent on correctly being installed with appropriate seals and fire-rated hardware, such as fire door closers. A fire door’s condition may decline gradually with regular use. Check fire doors regularly, and address any fire door maintenance concerns immediately. Fire door inspections can help identify doors that do not meet requirements. Fire doors are sometimes rated to resist fire for longer than 60 minutes, but this level of protection is seldom necessary.


Can fire doors be painted?

Fire doors must be outfitted with fire-rated hinges, locks and hardware, but they do not require a unique type of paint. Regular decorative paint or varnish can be used without impeding their performance. If the intumescent seals are in place, do not use heat or chemical paint strippers. Additionally, do not paint over any hinges, hardware or seals.

There is no need to skimp on style and decoration with fire doors. Our fire doors can be pre-painted in any RAL colour of your choice, saving time and hassle and giving a professional finish.


Are fire doors a legal requirement?

Fire doors are a legal requirement in all non-domestic properties, such as businesses, commercial premises, and public buildings. They are also required in residential flats and houses of multiple occupancies. As set out by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, building operators in England and Wales should appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ to manage their fire safety precautions. Their legal responsibilities include a duty to reduce the risk of fire spreading within the premises. Fire doors play an essential part in reducing this risk in many buildings.

These types of buildings should have a fire risk assessment carried out. Fire risk assessments are an in-depth review of the premises. They will highlight any fire risks with recommendations to reduce or eliminate these risks, including where fire doors should be used and what rating they should be.

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