B20 DOOR PROFILE for Internal Pivot doors

Internal Pivot doors are undoubtedly more in style than ever before. Their unique pivotal hinge system located at the bottom and top of the door allows the door to open at a 180o angle. Classic, modern, or chique design will perfectly complement your home and its functionality. The slim and frameless profile is an absolute masterpiece that can make a perfect design statement.

W20 DOOR PROFILE for Internal Pivot doors

With a smooth 180° opening and built-in Hold-Open Mechanisms for both single and double fittings, our W20 interior pivot doors provide equal measures of elegance and convenience. This flexible design allows for an impressive range of customizable features, including an open-lock system to keep the door open even without a doorstop. Internal Pivot doors have become more popular than ever over the last few years, and for a good reason. As the name suggests, this unique style features a pivot opening system rather than the traditional swing-open design. This transforms the opening experience to provide a quiet, effortless entry every time.

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Pivot doors feature a refreshingly modern 180-degree pivot opening system that has become increasingly popular in luxury home designs.

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