What is heritage style doors?

heritage styled doors were first established in the 19th century in 1849 by Francis Henry. Heritage style doors are now the most leading style in the industry creating a very clean and sleek look to our homes with the heritage and character of traditional steel.

Heritage style doors tend to be made in black steel majority of the time as the colour fits in very well with the different sort of bespoke styles which can be produced from steel, allowing you to zone into your specific area whilst letting in the maximum light levels. These doors are very famous for their symbolic slim profiles with glass panels having the minimalist deep bottom rails and hinges. The doors are designed to your personal preference meaning you can decide on the handles, glass, size, bars and colour to make the doors suit your standards and bring your imagination to reality.

The heritage style is now used more than ever in Victorian styled houses as it makes the house appear in a very elegant way.

Heritage style doors

All you need to know about our steel arched doors

All you need to know about our steel arched doors

Our fully customisable systems provide all the space-saving functionality.

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