Our custom-made steel pivot doors add on-trend contemporary design and let in maximum light, giving any space a unique feel that really makes a statement.

Black Steel doors add a modern, stylish talking point to any property. With smooth 180° opening movement and built in hold-open mechanisms for both single and double fittings, they give you convenience and elegance in equal measure.

Slim sight lines bring maximum glass and light to keep your interior space feeling airy, while the steel frame keeps the door strong and less susceptible to bending or warping.

Our doors allow great flexibility, custom-built to fit any opening and available with our internal partitions for unique combinations to enhance your space. They’re further customisable with choices of glazing and steel coating to keep your doors protected with a completely unique look.

*Please note that these prices do not represent your final project price; each project demands different needs, and the prices vary by project. These prices range are only a relative idea of prices. Do never assume these prices as a product price. We appreciate your understanding.

** These sizes are only suggestive sizes.


Smooth Open

Smooth opening mechanism minimises effort and noise to operate the door.

Hold Open MechanismHold Open Mechanism

Built in open lock keeps the door open without the need for a doorstop.

Slim sight lines

Steel gives 3x the strength of aluminium in thin frames, maximising glass and light.

Highly configurable

Whatever the space, our combination of products will give you a practical, elegant solution.


Flexible use
Can be combined with our range of external and internal doors, and partitions, to create a unique look for your space.
We offer a wide range of glazing options to perfectly match your property’s look.
Colours & finishes
In addition to our standard range of colours we can supply the windows or frames finished in any Ral colour. (May incur additional costs.)


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